The Twelfth Of September 2000
by Adam Irving

I am sat in a coffee bar with an espresso
and a tuna sandwich on
an unpleasantly hot plate,
there is a fuel crisis on.

People who don’t really need cars
are furious all around me.
I am listening to a CD player
that I won in a card game the previous night

there is a homeless guy,
staggering in the car-less road,
either drunk or weak

No one on the other side of the glass
knows which, or even cares,
he is someone’s son

Last night I read a book that described
the forgotten popular practice
of tobacco enemas
I have a different book
with me now

The girl next to me
sneaked a look at the spine,
I am taking my time
and have just bought a knife
The day at work was dull,
many cycles have gone by,
It rained today.

The girl who looked at the spine
is singing along to the music
playing in here

I am wearing a girl friends bracelet,
in a zebra pattern,
that was left at my home.

My bracelet is on
the wrist of my real girlfriend,
two months ago I was in love and happy,
now I am just in love,
unfocussed and broke.
There was a hair in my sandwich


Thanks, Adam!


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