Manic Escapism
By Todd Ledoux

um... it's never been a reliable vehicle.
I knew it was only a matter of time
before it would stall
in the middle of traffic.

It appears my brakes are frozen,
which deprives me of a proper means of stopping.

My fuel tank is empty,
so continuing on to the next appropriate exit seems impossible.

As friction continues to slow my vehicle,
I can see the other vehicles speeding by and honking as if I
were in their way.

To my right I can see a break
in the guard rails that guide the direction of travel.
I have just enough speed to make it
to the tree line
on the outskirts
of this high-tech development.

If I don't exit now,
will I be consumed
by the other vehicles,
absorbed into the flow
of traffic?(hitch-hike?);
or will I be rewarded for my perseverance?(Triple A could save the day).
A practical resolution is ideal.
Replenishment of fuel is needed,
but an immediate exit is so much easier.
A futile "f**k-it"
symbolizes my decision



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