Vashon Feature: March 2003


This Just In: Our own editor could be red flagged this very day! Why? Because she has "no war" signs and she hasn't yet renewed her id from her last birthday. Is this the States or Communist Russia? Hmmm...

Editor's Note:

Had a different plan for Vashon March 2003 features, but given the current world climate, I think it's more important to put my war protest first. I'm proud to live on an island where people are willing to bare themselves for their beliefs. Check it out:

Baring Witness on Vashon

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Dhara Natasha: poetry from V-Day Art Show

Editor's Note: Last month, we coordinated the V-Day Art Show titled, Women's Bodies Violence & Healing, held at the Blue Heron Art Gallery here on Vashon. Dhara Natasha offered an amazing piece to that show, and her work included poetry. I do hope to eventually get photos of the show up on the site, but in the meantime, I thought to follow up to the show and offer her poetry here:

by Dhara Natasha

Hope, hymen left intact, homosexuality and
Happiness jammed
Between elicit thoughts
And uncontrollable desires
That intimidate my tame vocabulary
With their seductive tongue
And illogical arguments
Attempting dangerously to expose
What goes on in the back seat of my mind
When I'm driving too fast
Pulled over
A cop shouts at me for what he can plainly see
Occurring in the back seat
You have the right to pursue
Hope, hymen left intact, homosexuality and
Do you understand your rights?
Do you understand you also have the right
To control you desires at night?
I break loose and get behind the wheel again
Driving far too fast
Back to my thoughts
Which offer me no refuge
From my deluge
So I peer down at my welcoming heart
And yell, "I know mom, I'll be home soon"
Shit, it's already like
Half past noon
And I haven't even gotten out of bed
And I probably won't till I pacify these feds
Who've caught up to me and cuffed me
for disturbing
The peace of mind I shoulda woken up with
this morning

Dhara also does this: Organizing, clutter clearing, space clearing, interior design (informed by feng shui), editing, slam poetry, more vagina inspired art, fountain making, costuming. For collaborations, Dhara can be reached thru KotaPress -- send us email to and we'll forward your messages to her!


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Terri Fletcher

Mound by Terri Fletcher, Vashon Artist

Mound is clamped dyed velum with horse hair and French knots. For more information about Terri's clamp dyed paper collages including a series of paper and fabric "totems" please check out:
Vashon Allied Arts Gallery

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Free Classifieds on Vashon!

Not one, but two two two chances to post FREE classifieds...if you are a Vashon resident, check these out: - These guys have a way cool navigation and interface and even offer a FREE option for graphic additions to your classified post. Plus special offers for advertisers -- free lattes :) Check it out!!

Vashon Classified - Vashon's original home-grown all local classified ad site for buyers, sellers, renters, messagers, service providers, entertainers, messagers, and even ranters if they're thoughtful. We're aiming to be the simple, effective marketplace that the local newspaper used to provide before going regional---no scams, banner ads, or come-ons, just fast easy access to what Vashon / Maury folks have to offer. Find them at


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