You Cannot Tell Me
By Kara L.C. Jones

You cannot tell me
that any war is justified
when children die for it

I've already cremated one son
and am having to live the rest of my life
without him

you cannot tell me
this hell is justified for any reason

You call me hippie, peacenik, asshole
you tell me I should "support the troops"

Fuck you -- I DO support them
I support the fact that I want ALL THOSE SONS AND DAUGHTERS
to outlive their freaking parents and not fucking die in your stupid war

You tell me I should remember 9/11

Fuck you - I DO remember
because my own fucking son died on the 11th of the month
and I know what hell it is to live without my child
for the rest of my life

Enough of our sons and daughters died on 9/11
You cannot tell me that we justify the crimes of 9/11
by killing even more sons and daughters!
That is not an answer.
It will not heal you.

I hate this war.


Kara is a founder of KotaPress, partner to Hawk, bereaved mom to Dakota, radical peacenik who is a paradox in life and love, and you cannot pin her to anything because she is fluid and ever-changing. And she will spend the rest of her life advocating for the survival of ALL children regardless of their ethnic, sexual, racial, religious, or gender make-up. Don't stand in the way of a bereaved mother.


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