Welcome to the February 2002 issue of the KotaPress Poetry Journal. It's the V-day month which stands for more than Valentines. We've got plenty of talented poets, an interview with a Guerrilla Bookmaker, and details about the Vashon Vagina Monologues! Check it out...

Table of Contents

1.  2 Poems by Rutherford
     by RC Rutherford
2.   Portrait out of Focus   
      by Sher Bauman
3.  3 Poems by Houlette
     by Forrest Houlette
4.   The Anniversary...
      by Andrena Zawinski
5.  Fugue Fatigue
     by Curtis Linderman
6.   Dream
      by Jimmy Phillips
7.  Rose Water for Mama
     by Terri L. Tanner
8.   Ghost of that Girl
      by Mark Pashia
9.  4 Poems by Smith
      by Lacey Smith
10.  The Ins and Outs of Fences
      by Harding Stedler
11.  Clueless Silhouette
      by Joni Hendry
12.  5 Poems by Monroe
      by Iris Monroe
13. He Must Have Been a Miracle
       by K.R. Copeland
14.  4 Poems by Dinges
      by Richard Dinges, Jr.
15. More Uptown
      by Frank Mort, Jr.
16.  And I Miss You
      by Nancy Watts
17. 2 Poems by Sandefer
      by Dyan Sandefer
18.  Evolving Sand
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19.  2 Poems by Bell
      by Allen Bell
20.  Classifieds
      by Daniel Green

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