Evolving sand...
By Kara L.C. Jones

time flowing past
tide coming in
losing footing on the break

far away, but approaching,
it's not the ceaseless waves, but
something else, a peep, a trill,
a noise, not unpleasant

shimmering like water
scouring the sand
wet and moving fast
running from the waves

sandpipers, a flock of them
one body, a thousand eyes
a million wings,
an unimaginable sound


Kara lives on Vashon Island which is a much more awesome place than she ever imagined it would be. She is a poet, bookmaker, wife, teacher, bereaved mom, facilitator, receptionist, founder, struggling p.t.barnum, turtle faithful, editor, artist, and a million other things that will prevent you from putting her in any one particular label box! Kara teaches through local art centers, artists in the schools programs, KotaPress and independently. And her class Expanding Poetry is now available in an online format from CourseBridge.com where you can register today at:



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