By Allen Bell

Little child we love you
We're sorry you can't stay
We wish we could keep you
But this is only a temporary place

You're lost in your own confusion
Please accept what you've been told
Don't hide your emotions
Learn from what you've been shown

Please don't cry little child
Someone is going to make you a home
Here...take your medication
It's so sad you're a few years too old

You're too young to understand
The torment you've been through
The isolation and manipulation
It will come clear when you're a man

Stand Back
By Allen Bell

Take the time to stand back,
reflect on the past
It's not always clear to see,
when you're standing in the middle of it all
As the blur begins to come into focus
the possibilities of reason starts to make sense

Take another step back
in the future
See if your interpretation still remains the same
Like a kaleidoscope,
meanings that once were remarkable can change
Bringing light to new images

Introducing new possibilities


I'm a construction worker in the Los Angeles area. I have never been published, but I do find myself writing one thing or another quite frequently. I tend not to hang on to what I write for fear someone might find them. (a habit I'm slowly getting over, obviously)


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