Oh, the Myths of February...

Well, this is the letter from the poetry editor, so it seems only right that I talk about the myth and metaphor of February. Valentines Day. Well, it's not such a great day if you are a broken hearted parent of a child who has died-- no amount of chocolate can fix that, ever. But more than that, I have never, NEVER understood Valentines Day.

Now, I gather that this day is suppose to celebrate St. Valentine who married lovers even when it was against the law and all that. But here's the real deal about St. Valentine's Day that takes place on February 14th. St. Valentine, the man, was beheaded-- did you get that?-- BEHEADED for his crimes on February 14th. So we are celebrating the man's decapitation by giving chocolates? I really don't get it.

My inclination leans much more toward the VDay initiative that started with Eve Ensler and her Vagina Monologues. This initiative is about doing fundraisers during Valentines Day to benefit domestic violence outreach service organizations. My mission, since the death of my son, has been to reduce deaths by stillbirth. But sadly, in this work I have met many parents whose children have died due to many causes, not just stillbirth. Some of those pregnancies were lost, children died, at the hands of domestic violence. I'm much more inclined to look at Valentines Day thru the eyes of the VDay initiative. This issue there is information in the Vashon feature article about the Vashon performance of Vagina Monologues. I hope you'll check it out. Attend the performance if you can. Donate to IDVOS if you can't.

All the rest of this issue is about breaking out of the confines of tradtions as well. Our Behind The Scenes article is an interview with my favorite Guerrilla Bookmaker, Ed Hutchins. He gives us a most professional and passionate look into the art of bookmaking thru the use of everyday items and practice. This isn't any of that "high art" bull that the academics like to feed us. This is real, healing, and cool. Check it out.

And the poets this month have offered their hearts and souls. It isn't a bunch of mushy school yard valentines either. Many of the authors here wrote such amazing works, that I was unable to accept only one poem-- you'll find many authors this issue have two, three, four poems featured. Read them all. Find what appeals to you. Connect with the authors if you can. I am most amazed this issue with Iris Monroe's work-- "An Ordinary Braided Woman" is a MUST READ!

Hope there's something this issue that intrigues you, too. Sorry it's a bit late-- I was postponed by the flu bug. But I promise it is worth the wait.

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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