He Must Have Been A Miracle
By K.R. Copeland

He must have been a miracle,

little copper sun-kissed muffin

he must have been an answered wish,

a prayer for sheer perfection.

He must have been a joy of joys

a glimmer in one’s eye,

he must have been a man of boys

(but still his mama’s guy).

He must have been a miracle…

goodbye, my guy,


K.R. Copeland is a prolific writer of the poetic persuasion, who derives inspiration from the mundane grain of everyday life. Her work, which ranges from formal to experimental, heady to absurd, has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as, Seeker, Hodge-podge, Fresh!, Offcourse, Moxie, Comfusion, Niederngasse,The Dakota House journal, Beginnings, The Highland Poetry journal, Bias Onus Quarterly, Snow Monkey, and, The American Muse. lorenz2@ameritech.net


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