Clueless silhouette
By Joni Hendry
Standing on the edge
of a silent abyss, observing
spreading darkness.
Unforgettable gray matter
explodes into dust that stifles,
suspended freely in choking death.

The fog grows thicker
suffocating us,
illusions collide
to cold pavement below.
Half beliefs swirl,
a black mask of jumbled empathy
spitting phlegm,
shrouding the crowds.


Joni Hendry resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She started writing less than a year ago. One of her poems, glimpse of the night, was recently selected as a top-rated poem on the Zoetrope writing site. Some of her work will also appear in Beginnings and Moondance/Rising Star in upcoming issues. Her poem "the cleansing" is being showcased at Enclosed are 3 poems for your consideration. Joni can be reached at


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