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Table of Contents

1.  Two Experiences of Loss
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   Warrior Blessing   
      by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
3.  Painter's October
     by David Morgan
4.   Lonely Late
      by Annete O'Neil
5.  For Anne-Elisa
     by Annete O'Neil
6.   The Interview
      by Tara Kneale
7.  Primer Gray
     by Thomas Keller
8.   Grandfather
      by Andrea Leslie
9.  See You Soon
      by Mary-Margaret Sweeney
10.  Hillside Cemetary
      by Mary-Margaret Sweeney
11. Flowers in his Fingertips
      by Katherine Wilson

12.  From the Ashes...
      by Lorelei

13. Requiem for a Party
       by Kelly Ann Malone
14.  Insulation
      by James Cummins
15. Untitled
      by Yavor Dimitrov
16.  Grief
      by Abha Iyengar
17. Memento
      by R.M. Engelhardt
18.  The Lost Children
      by Barbara Crooker
19. Sisters in Shadow...
      by Darla Cady
20.  The Small Bed
      by Karen Elkins

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