KotaPress, October 2002

Hello all,

Thrilled to tell you that this month, I actually had help editing this issue!!! We are so excited to have Samantha Mastridge as our new intern here at KotaPress, and she's been amazing this first month. Not only is she doing great work helping us with marketing and p.r., but she co-edited this issue of the Poetry Journal with me. And she did a FAB job! Many thanks, Samantha!

We have so much to offer this month, it's unreal. Not only is it the time of Halloween and Day of the Dead, but it is also Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, as well. Our Poetry Therapy column is all about the investigation of Day of the Dead and the exploration of ritual, seasonal, and memorial activites as examined with a poetic eye.

In this month's Behind the Scenes, we are sharing some of the inner workings of our latest Anthology Contest -- as well as announcing the winners of that contest!! Several of those winners have poems featured in this issue, too!

And we have just released Trevor Hewett's new print book Drift - you'll find information about that in our eStore. Also, Trevor was kind enough to grace our electronic pages again with another new poem for this month's Poetry Journal.

Last month, we did a review of Barbara Crooker's book The White Poems. This month we are featuring another poem by Barbara in the Poetry Journal -- along with two others in the Loss Journal -- and all of these pieces are being shared here as a tribute and in honor of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. We are deeply grateful to Barbara for all her work and sharing with us!

This month's review is of Alan Shapiro's book Song & Dance. Amazing work! Check it out. And we've got many other poems from writers all over the world. You have to page through and read it all!! You just don't want to miss a single page, I swear!

AND just an annoucement: We now have a site-wide search engine here at KotaPress! If you go to the main calendar page of the Journal (where all the 2002 buttons are for the different issues), you'll see a search engine at the bottom of that page. Type in the name of your favorite KotaPress Poet, and you'll get a listing of every Kota pages that mentions them or their writings!!! Check it out!

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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