By Andrea Leslie

At the time I never understood why tears came so easily to you
Or why you turned up the volume so loud while
listening to classical music.

I was embarrassed when you would talk so freely about
all of your thoughts and feelings
And wondered why you worked in the garden or in the
garage when you were stiff and in pain.

Back then I didn't understand why you would sing
verses of half forgotten songs
Dance around the house singing "Roll out the barrel!"
Or keep showing me your old photographs and telling me
your old stories.

I didn't know why you took care of me like I was your own daughter
Or why you would talk and laugh with me four hours just
like the best of friends
But I'm glad you did.


Andrea Leslie is from Kirkland, WA and may be one of the few people that enjoy Seattle's weather. She enjoys writing, gardening, art, and spending time with her husband, 4 cats, and 3 ferrets.


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