See You Soon
By Mary-Margaret Sweeney

I do not think I could have seen
Could have let my eyes see you
Lying there, lying dead.
The makeup to fix
What was never broken
The lights above you
Like you're a god-damned stage-
I could not have watched that play.
Instead I saw a box
Painted to look like marble
As if you weren't good enoug for real marble.
All of you inside there
Inside a six inch wide box
All of you is now black ash.
Maybe it would seem real
If I had seen you dead
But then maybe there would be two funerals-
I told you I could not have let myself see that.
Dark ashes left from a life once so bright
Dark tears from eyes once so bright.
Maybe they'll be ash soon
Maybe I'll be ash soon
See you soon...


Mary-Margaret Sweeney has been writing poetry since she was very young. She was published for the first time earlier this year, and that poem went on to be included on a spoken workd CD. Besides writing, Mary-Margaret has a deep passion for theatre (performing and production work). She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana but her heart is still in New York City.


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