KotaPress Poetry Anthology 2002, Volume 3

Announcing!!!! Drum roll, please...

Interview with Kara L.C. Jones by Hawk Jones

Q: Why are we doing a "Behind the Scenes" on the Anthology Contest? Was there something different about this year's contest?

Kara: Well, the authors who won places in Volume 3 of the Anthology deserve some special coverage, but yes, there was also something different about this particular contest. Normally, in the past, you (Hawk) and I (Kara) have done all the work on every single aspect of these kinds of KotaPress events. But for this contest for Volume 3, we were *amazingly* lucky and got Peg Rousar to *volunteer* her time and energy to be the Anthology Editor!! So the whole process was different this time.

Q: How was the process different?

Kara: Well, while the Anthology is still a KotaPress project and all, Peg really took on all the details. She did a lot of the promotion for it, accepted all the submissions, pulled together the judging process, and got all the winning names and poems to us for this announcement. She is even working with me on the layout for the ebook version of this Anthology that we plan to release in December. It's been an amazing thing to have help for once! And I think Peg had fun -- at least I hope so!

Q: Okay, so Volume 3 of the KotaPress Anthology will be available in the ebook format in December. But how can people get that ebook when it is released?

Kara: We'll release the ebook here at the KotaPress website. And then in our eBookstore, people can download the ebook in Microsoft Reader or PDF format -- for free! We'll make more announcements about that when the time comes, in the December issues of the website.

Q: All right then! So the big question: who are the winning authors???

Kara: Drum roll, please...

Reid Baer
Christopher Barnett
John Birkbeck
Chris Bordeaux
Janet Buck
R.M. Engelhardt
Candy Gourlay
Gian Kurt Iseppi
Abha Iyengar
Floria Kelderhouse
Vera Long
David Morgan
Radames Ortiz
Brandon Reed
Durlabh Singh
Nancy Watts
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Pat Phillips West
Rebecca B. Whited

Congrats to everyone!!!!!

Q: So do we really have to wait until December to read poetry from the winners?

Kara: Yes and no. This month (October 2002), we are featuring a few samples from the Anthology. Those sample include pieces from R.M. Engelhardt, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, and Abha Iyengar. Their poems are in the main contents of the Poetry Journal this month. And many of the other winning Anthology authors have been published here at KotaPress before this. While you won't be able to read the winning Anthology poems until the ebook is released, you can read other works from writers such as Pat West, Janet Buck, Nancy Watts, and many others in previous issues of our online Poetry Journal.

Q: How can we figure out which "previous issues" feature these writers???

Kara: Thrilled to say that along with this announcement, we are also launching our site-wide search engine!! You'll have to go to the calendar/main page of the Poetry Journal (or loss, art, home pages) and scroll to see the engine below the calendar buttons. There you can type in the name of the writer you want, and Wa-La! It's a very cool new feature.

Q: Any last words?

Kara: Just a *HUGE* thanks to Peg Rousar and lots of congrats to the winning authors!


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