Sisters in Shadow, Sisters in Light
(For Christine)
By Darla Cady

We were sisters in shadow
holding hands through darkness
kindred spirits of haunted families

We bonded over missing our Daddies
we laughed and whispered and cried
and laughed some more…

I was always flattered
when they said we looked like sisters, but
we were closer than family…
true sisters of the heart

We were wounded little girls,
pretending to be tough
finding comfort
in each other’s pain
we wrote dark poetry, and
danced to darker music
wearing whatever it took
to offend the conformists

…I can’t imagine how many angels
Worked overtime to protect us…
And how many sustain us… still

God knew we would need each other
Even more…someday

we have learned to live
with a lot less hairspray, and
a lot more prayer
we have both been
grieving daughters, and
grieving Mommies

We have held the same scarred Hand,
let the same Spirit carry us
through darkest shadow
into sacred Light

We have shared
more tears than we ever wanted, but
more laughs than most friends get, and
I still love you…

more than a sister


This is a gift for a childhood friend...we have had many similar struggles and losses, and remained a source of strength to one another for the last 20 years....


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