Welcome to the November 2001 issue of the KotaPress Poetry Journal. We hope that the works you find here this month will wake you up, help you heal, offer some sort of comfort. These artists have created amazing writings. We hope you have an equally amazing reading and healing experience.

Table of Contents

1.  9/11/01
     by Rebecca Hersh
2.    A Poem   
      by Esther Altshul Helfgott
3.  November
     by Trevor Hewitt
4.   Awareness Month
      by Jo Ann Taylor
5.  Those who have lived, and died
     by Mary Harrison
6.   Fifth Night (after September 11)
      by Mary Harrison
7.  Outside It Was Morning
     by Tag Allen
8.   Sifting Through The Sand
      by Gwen Flowers
9.  Serve it up
     by Rebecca Hersh
10.  War of the World III
      by Seana Sperling
11.  Black Walnuts
      by Mary Harrison
12.  Two Poems for Jennifer
      by Rebecca B. Whited
13.  September 11, 2001
      by Cathy Kennedy Gonzalez
14.  For My Children's Children
      by Charles Fishman
15. Michelle
     by William Large
16.  Routine War
      by Rebecca Hersh
17. Bringing The Fire In
     by Tom Sheehan
18.  Another Haiku
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19.  My Inner Soul
      by Floria Kelderhouse
20.  Walk With Me
      by Gwen Flowers

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