By Kara L.C. Jones

Poetry Therapy is an ever evolving Expressive Art that has many facets to it. We interviewed John Fox in the December 2000 issue, and he told us many things about his work and writings that evolved into the book Poetic Medicine. Talking with John peaked my interest in poetry as a discipline of expressive arts work in partnership with a focus on Thanatology (the ethics of grief and the study of death and dying).

As I read more about Poetry Therapy and explored John's books, I found that many people had questions about the practice and application of this form of expressive art. So I pitched a monthly column to to explore and focus on Poetry Therapy. They took the pitch and I was in business with them.

That column has covered topics such as "Discovering Poetry Therapy," "The Forgotten Familiar," and "So You Want To Be Certified?" The links at the Suite101 column are updated monthly to more comprehensively cover the most current articles posted. There is also ample opportunity on this column for discussion and message posting, so please take the time to leave us a note there, too.

To check out this awesome resource, please see:

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