By Rebecca Hersh

Why’d you have to go and cross that line?
Tensions were high, speculations higher,
no one was ready for this.
Hit at home, hit us so it hurt.
So we were left motherless.
So we were left widows.
Left childless.
Left alone.
Now we can’t turn around.
And nobodies talking peace.
Loosely tied,
we’ve come unglued.
Now no one wants to talk,
no one’s shaking hands.
Bitterness that overflowed,
5,000 missing or dead.
Why’d you go and cross the line?
Burned it in our memory.
Now no one cares what’s right.
Hate makes hate,
Fight fire with fire.
Aim the bomb and let it fly.
People die and people die.
There's more than one way to get your way.
People die and people die.


Rebecca Hersh is a 10th grader at Eastern Christian High School. She lives in Ringwood, N.J. with her mother and step father and spends time in New York with her dad. She enjoys writing and hopes one day to be a journalist.

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