In Dreams of You
By Rebecca B. Whited

This night, in dreams of you, my truest tears
Of twenty and four years wetted my soul,
Timed the cold contractions of my womb's pain,
Seized my heavy heart~again~allowing
My blood to pulsate, elicit feelings
Of joy and anguish...In memory clear,
I saw your face, heard your labored breathing,
As I held you to my breast to suckle
My strength~gain grace in my realm...I willed my
Soul for yours, my pleas stilled by the air of
Angelic wings in divine ascension...
Reality awakened me, as your
Soft rosebud lips released my breast, spilling
My milk in a flood of anguish, once more.

Shadows of Your Soul
By Rebecca B. Whited

in my dreams,
my darkness of
quiet solitude,
I espy shadows of
your soul~emerald orbs
of light, Spirit dancing
for me alone...your shadows
cavorting with care,
heeding my heart
witness your wonder
in gambols of grace,
frolics of freedom,
leaps of love,
as your emerald
hue becomes a
radiant light in
pirouettes of pleasure,
motion in measure
bestowing my soul solace.

I cry, 'Once more,
Encore!' avail; your
Spirit spent, light diminished,
leaving me wanting in the
shadows of your soul,
until next you dance
in my darkness of
quiet solitude,
once again.

Jennifer, may you be wrapped lovingly in the arms of the angels, until I can hold you in my arms again. Happy twenty-fourth birthday my angel, with longing love and devotion for you always. Love, Mom...July 25, 2001


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