Awareness Month
By Jo Ann Taylor

An awareness month?
As if i wasn't aware of you every day.
It's fall, and it's cold,
I should have a baby to hold.
But instead,
I'm searching for answers
as to why my baby's dead!
Others think they know...
"It was God's will" they say.
or try to explain why my baby was taken away.
Or "There must have been something wrong with it!"
Do they think i wouldn't love it that way?
"At least you didn't hold it or
Have it long enough to get attached."
Not attached! My baby was attached-
To my heart- my body- and every other part of me!
It's there at my every wakig moment.
It's you who's not aware!
Not aware of my pain- my lonely nights-
The moments when i'm sure I hear my baby cry.
Oh why? Why can't i have my longed for child?
Oh God, please help me make some sense of this.
Make them aware of how they hurt me with their words
or when they ignore me and say nothing.
An awareness month. if only that were true.
There is never a moment I'm not aware of you.
It's fall and it's cold
And I should have a baby to hold.


Editor's note: October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I found this wonderful poem during this month when a friend sent it to me. I feel it is such a powerful message that it needs to be here even though we are already into November.

Jo Ann is the proud mother of two heavenly angels, Darrell & Melody, mother to two earthy angels, Stewart who is 37 and Phillip who is 28; grandmother to three of the most beautiful little granddaughters in the whole world and one handsome grandson. I am truly a blessed woman. I've been married to my one and only love for 40 years. My husband and I have our own Christian Counseling Ministry in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He's also a Youth Pastor.


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