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2002 Poets Market
Poetry brings words to life with truth and passion unequaled by ordinary fiction. It awakens the senses, evokes powerful moods and moments in time. Get your poetry published with 2002 Poet's Market! It helps define and direct your efforts with listings for more than 1,800 book, journal and magazine publishers and editors. You'll also find information on grants, conferences, workshops, contests and more.

Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke
During a period of spiritual crisis, Rilke began the ten loosely connected lyric poems that comprise the Duino Elegies. It soon became the work most frequently associated with Rilkean sensibility. With their symbolic landscapes, vatic proclamations, complex tropes, and often haunting intensity, the Duino Elegies rank among the outstanding visionary works of the century.

Words Under the Words by Naomi Shihab Nye
Drawing on her Palestinian-American heritage, the diverse cultures of her home in the Southwest, and the vivid impressions of her travels in Central America, the Middle East, and Asia, Nye writes poems that attest to our shared humanity. In a voice both familiar and fresh, she faithfully records "the gleam of particulars" that make up our lives.

The Book of Qualities by Ruth Gendler
Text and illustrations capture a broad spectrum of human qualities, emotions, and character traits, including pain, beauty, contentment, and innocence. Lines like "Commitment is married to Joy" will stick with you forever after reading this book. Gendler knows how to speak to every part of us.

Finding What You Didn't Lose
Poetry discovers and speaks a truth ordinary language cannot express. Poet-teacher Fox reveals how imagery, sound, methaphor, rhythm and other poetic elements can help us tell our inner story, heal psychological wounds, discover spiritual connection, and develop the rich creative imagination that lies within us all.

Poetic Medicine
Powerful and exciting, Poetic Medicines illustrates the unique role that poem-making can have in addressing the situations that lead us to renewal in our lives. This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone doing any sort of greif and healing work thru Poetry. If you are even remotely interested in Poetry Therapy, the discipline and application of it, then you have to read this book.

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