Routine War
By Rebecca Hersh

By now we're just running in circles,
by now we're just chasing a goose.
It's been so long since we started this war,
I can't remeber what I'm supposed to be fighting for.
By now we know there's no compromise,
now we're just waiting for land mines.
Waiting with anticipation and disgust,
our once shiny swords are beginning to rust.
Now the enemy is just like a mirror reflection.
By now the ink is all used up,
from drawing all those lines.
The battles have become just like a play,
I now schedule fighting time into my day.


Rebecca Hersh is a 10th grader at Eastern Christian High School. She lives in Ringwood, N.J. with her mother and step father and spends time in New York with her dad. She enjoying writing and hopes one day to be a journalist.


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