KotaPress Anthology Vol 1, No 1
Contributing Authors: Nancy Talley, Sandra Chaplain Bailey, Carla Traylor Griswold, Tim Hulley, Marika Thompson, Dana Gerringer, and Heidi Sauer
KotaPress proudly presents the resulting book of the first ever KotaPress Anthology Contest! This 170-page, perfect-bound book features amazing works that you just have to read-- these are some of the most powerful contemporary voices in the poetic world. Check it out!

The Robert Henry Band presents From The Moment
Contributing Artist: Darryl Henry Jedlowski - Piano, Keyboards
Keith Robert O'Neill - Bass, Lead Vocal
Roy Campbell - Drums
Joyce O'Neill Voigt - Vocals
Carol O'Neill Schachter - Vocals

Premiere collection from this fabulous East Coast band. You have to check out this smooth jazzy sound for yourself. Available internationally thru KotaPress.

Blue Toenails
By Bethany Jones
We are proud to present this new, young writer, Ms. Bethany Jones, with her very first collection of poetry. If you are a teenager, have a teen at home, work with teens, or are still a teenager at heart, you will want to read this insightful collection.

By Tom Flynn
Each poem is a piece of the whole puzzle of Complexions. When you put all the pieces together, you find an amazing look into one writer's world as he opens himself to Life.

Teaching Students Who Are Classified as "OTHERS"
By Mary E. Clemons
If you are involved in education at any level, you will want to read this concise book about equality (or inequality, as the case may be) in our classrooms today. Don't miss out on Clemons' experience and insight as offered here!

Diamonds n Sausage (Jazz & Blues CD)
By Shawnee Lake
If you have any ear at all, even the teeny-tiny-est little-itty-bit of a liking for blues and jazz, YOU MUST OWN THIS ONE!

Crone's Notebook: The Second Edition
By Nancy Talley
Talley's poems detail the moments in Life's journey that make us all laugh, sigh, and sometimes shed tears. Don't miss this one!

The Homeless One
By Esther Altshul Helfgott
This poetic drama was born out of an email conversation and looks closely at homelessness and mental illness in our society.

North Fork
By B. Jaime Curl
These poems examine the everyday occurrences we usually take for granted and leaves the reader seeing something new in every detail.

By Kara L.C. Jones
This collection is the narrative story of meeting a soul mate and a child-to-be.

Flash Of Life
By Kara L.C. Jones
A narrative of one family's experience of pregnancy and still-birth showing how the death of a child affects a woman, a marriage, a family, and a community.

Mrs. Duck and The Woman
By Kara L.C. Jones
Mrs. Duck and The Woman is a story about the loss of a child and how to start over again after that loss.



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