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by Tom Flynn

From experiences with his father to experiences as a father, this poet's work guides us through the most difficult moments of everyday living with honor, insight, and humor. When these works touch on the grief of losing a loved one, they don't offer us simple explanations or solutions, but instead challenge us to look more deeply at the Life we are left to live. Don't miss this collection!

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Puberty Preview

Kid curiosity streams at me like a feature film
The next frame is:
Dad, what’s another word for vagina?

My daughter’s question
Echoes through nearby campsites
Like she used a bullhorn for special effect

Snickers erupt in tent behind me
Brother and sister giggle

I sit at picnic table
Contemplate my answer
Under hissing Coleman lantern

How do I answer you
Seven year old
Do I tell you the first slang
That came to mind: Snatch?

Snatch is a bit too crude
For a seven year old, isn’t it?
What if she says it at school?

Delay tactic
Riley, how come you want to know?
She answers with more giggles

Her wise elder brother pipes up
Is there another word
Like crotch for penis?

More giggles. None mine.
I sit on my fingers. Laugh or cry?
This dilemma was not posed
In thermodynamics

I consider options:
Lying, honesty, delay, smoke and mirrors
Does my children’s success
Depend on me giving them
The RIGHT answer

Kids, I have a book at home on puberty
There’s a list of slang words
We’’ll look at it when we get home

My head shakes with eyes closed
I chuckle to myself
Awaiting their next shot

Author Bio
Tom defies being pigeonholed into a single role. He’s been an engineer, a scientist, and a husband, and is currently a son, a brother, a father, a lover, a poet, a writer, a runner, an artist, a musician, a soccer coach, and a graduate student in mythological studies. And that’s the short list. He loves the outdoors and prefers a steady diet of solitude and company, sloth and adventure.

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