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Table of Contents

1.  Philosophy
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   From the Hillside   
      by Samuel Eddington
3.  Fall of the Evening Star...
     by Ashlee R. Jensen
4.   Where You Are
      by Laura Curtis
5.  Girl Walking in the Wind
     by Joel Vanvalin
6.   Leaving England
      by Joel Vanvalin
7.  Prisons
     by Gary Beck
8.   After Lunch
      by Karen Mandell
9.  Yard Sale
      by Karen Mandell
10.  First Ferry Ride to Nantucket
      by Karen Mandell
11. Starved
      by Aoife Mannix

12.  Untitled
      by Mike Ill

13. the art of love
       by Sarah Jane Neiger
14.  Curt Jones' Father
      by Jason Lee Brown
15. Dry Breeze
      by Jason Walter
16.  The Way Undone
      by Holly Day
17. A Father's Rest
      by Stephen M Lingrell
18.  Every 11th Remembered
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19. Cause of Fundamentalism
      by Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal
20.  The Thin Veil
      by Ellen M. DuBois

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