Cause of Fundamentalism
By Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

Why did Godhara*occur?
Why did 11/9** occur?
Who is behind Gujrat carnage***?
Narrowness of mind.
Non-acceptance of the opposite view.
The antithesis is refused.
The other view is discarded.
The followers of the other ideology are exterminated.
Dirty ethnocentrism!
Dirty jingoism!
O my peers,countrymen and religious leaders
Shun the superiority complex.
Take inspiration from the significant other.
The other is not be exterminated.
The other is to heard.
Let the storm of other ideas enter you
As the tempest of new ideas
Was accepted by Buddhism****.
Hinayana was followed
By Mahayana and vajrayana.
Then there will be no Godhara.
Then there will be no 11/9.
Then there will be no Gujrat.
Only the scattered light
Of multi-colored rainbow.


* Godhara is a place in Gujrat, India. During the early half of 2002,a severe tragedy occurred there. Petrol bombs (i.e. burning bottles full of petrol) were thrown at a train, killing a number of hapless people.

** On this date,there was terrorist attack on WTC of USA.

***In the wake of Gudhara massace,there is the frenzy of violence in Gujrat.

****Buddhism has three sects- Hinyana,Mahayana and vajrayana.


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