The Thin Veil
By Ellen M. DuBois

The thin veil that separates
makes me sit and contemplate.
You're no longer on the earthly plane.
I feel your presence, but, still the pain.

The thin veil between you and I-
gives me hope yet makes me cry.
Your life goes on in another space;
but, oh how I miss your sweet, sweet face.

Vibrations different here, they're low;
where you are I suppose you know
much more than I left here on earth-
You lived here once and were re-birthed.

I cannot touch you yet I hear your "mind."
I cannot not see you yet I know you're kind.
I cannot hug you yet I feel you care.
I cannot call you yet I know you're there.

What life do you live now in the heavenly realm?
Do you feel and touch? Do you get overwhelmed?
Are you happy now that you're with your love?
Do you hear my prayers to you above?

I can't imagine to be with the Divine.
I remember you left to get home in time.
Although I still cry at my loss in life-
I know you are happy; without grief and strife.

I take comfort in knowing you're there for me.
I know you are with me although I can't see.
You're an angel to me, as you were here before.
Please know that I love you still – forevermore.



Also published in "Spiritual Visitations," Heather Froeschl, Editor for

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