A Father's Rest
By Stephen M Lingrell

He lies so frail.
My name lost to his pain
I cradle his love close
And remember:

Strong arms lifting me to the sun
Laughter and games and warmth
Soft words on summers breeze
Lessons learned in gentle peace.
I angered him plenty
Stubborn, headstrong, intelligence
Wasted on false dreams;
And he angered me
Stubborn, hidebound, intelligence
Wasted on future hopes.

Not this, not now.
Our tears mingle as we weep
For what was lost
In time, no today, no tomorrow
Yesterday alone beckons with hope
Come play with me in memory
More pleasant than this horrid reality.

First step, first word, first drink
Pleasure mingles with regret
The loon's cry a memory
Early morning fishing
Late night waiting for the tired return.

Rest well my father
In my memory you shall ever be
Strong hero, fearless and honourable
Not this empty shell wrapped
Between love and death’s sheets.


Thank you for the contribution, Stephen!


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