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Table of Contents

1.  Pocket
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   You Have One Minute   
      by R.M. Engelhardt
3.  coronas
     by Heather Merrill
4.   Winter By The Stones
      by Dan Radel
     by R.M. Engelhardt
6.   Fine Just Fine
      by Pat West
7.  Nature
     by Alex Kocan
8.   Two Days Earlier...
      by Senem Evrim Ozer
9.  Your Turn
      by David Soriano
10.  decanter
      by Townee (Devin Davis)
11. For Janet, with regrets
      by Lloyd Graham

12.  The war machine
      by Justin Foster

13. Feel
       by R.M. Engelhardt
14.  Coming Into Being
      by R.M. Engelhardt
15. Calling
      by Charlene Roberts
16.  Garden Voice
      by Dan Radel
17. Rescue
      by Darla Cady
18.  Self Portrait
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19. November 6, 2000
      by Kristine Ong Muslim
20.  I met a nurse last night
      by Alec Whittle

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