You Have One Minute
By R.M. Engelhardt

I have lived forever. Born over & over, again and
again and I still remember each passing life so vividly as if it were a
movie. And you were there, and you were there, and you were there
too. And you I'm just meeting for the first time but I'm sure we'll
meet again. So why hold on anyways? What are you afraid of? Energy is
renewable and so are you.
Battery of love, the wisdom of sage after sage passed
down to others.
Hey, once you get past the eating, drinking & giving a
shit part you
are ready to transcend. Fear? Scared? Of course you
are. Who wouldn't
Be with all of this violence around you, the age of
technology no better
than that of the bronze age. So turn away from all of
it. See others and
see thru their words.
Balance, retreat, question, reflect. Become
yourself. A catalyst of humanity with no overbearing
agendas. Live as
if you only have one minute left . Because that is all
any of us are allowed.


R.M. Engelhardt currently lives & breathes in Albany, NY where he is the host of "The School of Night" open mic at Valentine's in Albany on the last Tuesday of each month. His work has been published in such journals as,, Industrial Nation, Metroland, Verve, Sure;the Charles Bukowski Newsletter #10 and many others. He is also the director of www.AlbanyPoets.Org


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