Two Days Earlier, Two Days Too Late
By Senem Evrim Ozer

We could have had a wonderful relationship.
Yes, you and I.
I could have taught you rollerblading.
You could have taken me rowing at the Park.
And I know
you would have listened with intent and patience
as I hesitantly would have explained to you
my life, my school, my work, my family
and why they all depress me
into ten hours a day sleep sessions.

We could have shared the same newspaper.

Two days later I was going to call you.
You went to the movies.
At age 25, you had a heart attack.
I asked around, you weren’t standing
when death came to you.
How horrific of an image
your entire body hitting the polished floor
as your soul departed.
But you were sitting.

Now I wonder,
should I have called you two days earlier
rather than two days later.


Senem Evrim Ozer is a young adult living in San Francisco, California. She has spent the first sixteen years of her life in Istanbul, Turkey. Senem's an inspiring poet and author with works both in Turkish and in English. She hosts a weekend radio program at University of San Francisco's non-commercial radio station, KUSF, and works full-time for San Francisco State University.


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