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Table of Contents

1.  Kneeling
     by Jill McGrath
2.   sine qua non   
      by Rochelle Hope Mehr
3.  Grandmother's House
     by Dyan Sandefer
4.   May Perspective
      by Trevor Hewett
5.  I Am Awaited
     by Toni La Ree Bennett
6.   Mother's Day Angel
      by Cathy Gonzalez
7.  Whispering Words
     by Susan B. Doyle
8.   Haiku
      by Casey Fuller
9.  Voyager
      by Scott Malby
10.  Garden Statue
      by Carol Parris Krauss
11. The Pain
      by DV Darshini

12.  Drowning
      by Dyan Sandefer

13. The Watcher
       by Merlin Greaves
14.  Eighty Weeks
      by Cathy Gonzalez
15. I Knew
      by Susan B. Doyle
16.  Forgetting Clare
      by C. E. Laine
17. Cemetery
      by Dyan Sandefer
18.  Pick a Mall, Any Mall
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19. Musical Lobotomy
     by Susan Maree Jeavons
20.  People Say...
      by Susan B. Doyle

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