May Perspective
By Trevor Hewett

May's soft light and warming sun
spreads, shining, through the half-leaved trees
confirming early Summer.

Four grey squirrels scramble, race
across the pigeoned pine above me
where the morning warmth promotes
and feeds their bold foreplay.

The turning season's sudden coming
always takes me by surprise,
triggers overnight a spree
of action and events
that seemed improbable
just yesterday.

And yet, the cooler air and calm of Autumn,
the thinner light, occupies my mind.
Ever eager for what's coming next,
I need to learn to pause,
to revel in the present rather more,
to see the near more clearly than the far.


Editor's Note: We're thrilled to have Trevor back making monthly contributions to KotaPress. It's an honor to feature his works in this way. Thanks for being part of our work, Trevor!


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