Eighty Weeks
By Cathy Gonzalez

Hard to believe, eighty weeks has passed
Your first anniversary of leaving has come and gone
Your first birthday has been here and passed
But not a single thought or memory is gone

I thought it would be easier knowing where you were
But the honest truth is the heartache grows stronger
As each moment, day, month go by in time
I find myself wondering where has the time gone

I wish so much you were here with me
Your brother wishes the same
I see the baby boys that are about your age
Each time this happens, I take a heavy sigh
And ask myself why

My baby boy, yes it is 80 weeks
The worst 80 weeks of my life.
However the honest truth is
I still cry

I love you Jason forever
Your Mom


Cathy, thank you for letting us play a small part in honoring Jason here.


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