Spring Has Sprung, May 2002

Well, we're back with a full issue for you this month! The quality of this month's work is just amazing, and I hope you'll page through the whole issue to discover the treasures waiting. We have another monthly contribution from Trevor, and his work once again speaks to exactly where I am in my life this May. We also have several pieces in shorter form, one from Casey Fuller and another from Rochelle Hope Mehr. Both of these piece hold huge amounts of poetic beauty within short spaces!

We are also hosting many pieces that speak directly to grief and healing. It's my hope that as we approach those Hallmark "made-up" holidays of Mother's Day and Father's Day, that bereaved families will find a respite here. Hallmark and the other consumer driven hosts of these dreaded holidays simply make no room for the complicated feelings that arise for bereaved families at this time of year. So I hope you will hope or comfort or simply identification in the pieces from Cathy Gonzales, Susan Doyle, Dyan Sandefer, Jill McGrath, Toni Bennett, and more.

On page 18 of the poems, you'll find a new piece from moi. Wanted to point out that this piece was inspired by my reading of the book "Songs from the Territories" which is also the book we are reviewing here this month. So be sure to catch the review! Other featured articles include an interview with Teesha Moore from The Studio Zine. She is an amazing artist! You have to check out her work. And for the Vashon feature this month, we are hosting the photography of Michelle Bates. Her series "After the Fire" is not to be missed!

Check it all out, come back next month, send in your works! Thanks, as always, for your readership. We are most grateful.

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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