Vashon Feature: May 2002

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Michelle Bates, Photographer
brought to from

We've had the good fortune to meet Michelle through her work at the Blue Heron and on the Island Arts Council. Upon perusal through the Artist Directory at the Vashon Allied Arts website, I found Michelle's website and was stunned to see her amazing photography! She's got many different galleries on display on her site, so I highly recommend you head over there and surf for yourself. But in the meantime, I wanted to share some of her "After The Fire" photos with you.

If you've read works here at KotaPress before now, then you probably know we have a bent toward expressive artworks that somehow deal with grief, loss, and healing. While my personal mission with this work came after the death of my son, I have quickly realized that loss is loss is loss. It is all devastating, regardless of the details and circumstances. When I saw the photos in this "After The Fire" gallery on Michelle's site, I was overwhelmed to know how very much was lost in this fire. And then I was amazed at the way Michelle found to capture and honor what was once a historical site, a thriving island property while at the same time giving voice to the depth of loss that came with the fire.

My heart to everyone who was touched by this fire, my gratitude to Michelle for letting us feature this work, and my thanks to all of you who take the time to view our island column here at KotaPress. To see more photos from "After The Fire" or to learn more about what happened and how to help, please surf over to

Library by Michelle Bates

Tulips by Michelle Bates

Window by Michelle Bates

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