Welcome to the January 2002 issue of the KotaPress Poetry Journal. Another New Year, another fab issue of poetry, poets, news, and more... Our KotaPress Poetry Anthology eBook has also been released this month, too!! Please click the Anthology button in the sidebar to the left to find out more!

Table of Contents

1.  Gentle Touch of Spirit
     by Larry Jaffe
2.    Warm Wet Winds   
      by Larry Jaffe
3.  Death and Heaven
     by Jenn Rubi
4.   Everyone's a Poet
      by Laurie Ann Evans
5.  A Thousand
     by Laurie Ann Evans
6.   24th January - 4.14 PM
      by Trevor Hewett
7.  Regrets
     by Robin Merrill
8.   The Ballard Baptist Cemetery...
      by Jill McGrath
9.  Gone
     by Eileen Murphy
10.  In Memoriam
      by R L Swihart
11.  Tea Cozy
      by Mary Gonzalez
12.  20 Minutes
      by Russ Bickerstaff
13.  Sky Bound
      by Ron Cross
14.  2 Poems for Nora
      by Christine Grothe
15. Ghosts in Aunt Mary's Attic
     by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
16.  A Journey to Solomon's
      by Amy J. McCarter
17. Salute
     by Michael Keshigian
18.  Not quite a tanka...
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19.  Curling In Longevity
      by Larry Jaffe
20.  Dry
      by Larry Jaffe

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