a thousand
By Laurie Ann Evans

a thousand

a million

i want to pull my hair out

why is it
that no matter how good
an idea seems the night
i always wake up thinking

"oh god"


i was born in santa monica, ca. on may 26th, 1969. a single child i was raised by my mother alone, after my father died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound when i was 3. i was more then the typical troubled youth, and have suffered from depression for as long as i can remember. the last few years i've been dealing with my depression through my poetry. hoping to create something positive out of the darkness within me.

'everyone's a poet' was written on a cold rainy night, while i was visiting friends up in seattle. 'a thousand' has to do with my tendency to just jump into things without thinking first. also, i was getting angry with myself, because i think i use 'a thousand' and 'a million' too much in my writing.



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