By Robin Merrill

To regret deeply is to live afresh. - Henry David Thoreau

last month a man
stood up here and
said he had no regrets
I have regrets
lots of ‘em
I sort through them
organize them
alphabetical order
chronological order
or my favorite -
order of severity
they’re everywhere
these regrets of mine
on my nightstand
by the phone
on post-its
by the back door
some in the bathroom
behind the cotton balls
even some in my
brita water filter
so regrets trickle
into each glass
there’s even two
in my first aid kit
in case of emergencies
and I keep
just a few
in my pocket
where they
can’t get away I was born in Farmington, Maine in 1977 and am a 1999 graduate of Maine Maritime Academy. I am a Third Mate in the Merchant Marine and sail as a Pilot on the Great Lakes. My poetry has recently appeared in Nerve Cowboy, The Cafe Review and The Brown Bottle and I have poems forthcoming in Main Street Rag and Parting Gifts. Further information can be obtained by visiting my website at


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