Sky Bound
(for Carlita)
By Ron Cross

With each sunrise
We open arms half circle wide
And embrace the sky.
It is dawn, a new day
A chance awakening.
Let the metamorphosis
Take place.
Lay to rest the fragility of fear
And fly on wings
As soft as whispers.
We are people of big sky,
Children of thunder.
No feather may touch the skin
Nor flesh encumber the soul.
Sky bound
We leave the mother
To seek the father.
We soar where no
Eagle, falcon or condor
May go.
Hold our hand,
Let all hearts take flight
We must share
The peace,
the love,
and the light.

Ron is one of the Poets Unleashed who were featured here at KotaPress in December 2001. For more information about the writers group and book, both titled Poets Unleashed, please see


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