Tea Cozy
By Mary Gonzalez
A crocheted table cloth was spread
Over a finely walnut-colored table.
The cloth sparkled with gilded thread.

On the Stove a lovely song
Penetrated the kitchen with its' melody
The water danced in rhythm as it gaily sung along

Miss Mary set the cups and saucers ceremoniously
Taking dire care
To match the china for this Special Afternoon Ceremony

Silence did a great job of cutting the Tea cakes and
And the sugar bowl and milk pitcher sat quietly in the
While The Teapot bowed a timid bow at the Grand Tea
Cake from Sal's Bakery

At half past four the Master of the house came
With a bouquet of roses in hand
And a present for the Mistress Mary

Taking a seat, She, with outstretched hands did pour
A cup of hot freshly brewed tea
and served fresh cake and crumpets to her paramour.

Visit Mary's CyberSpear at http://www.angelfire.com/nj/sweetyparrot/index.html.


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