Immature Plum Lobelia
    Teleki Valley, Mt. Kenya
    © 2000 Susan Mello

Welcome to the Summer Issue 2000 of the KotaPress Poetry Journal. Check it out!

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Guest Article
With Jerrilynne Jankowski


KP Review
Diamonds n' Sausage You won't find luxury and down-home-cookin' like this anywhere else!


Poetry Contest:
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Poet Chat
Our Summer Issue Q & A is with poet
Claudia Mauro of Whit Press.


This issue is dedicated to Terry Gover Wideman, Jerry Melvin Wideman,
Devon Cornell-Drury, and as always Dakota Jones.

Table of Contents
1.  Written 30 Years After
     by Anne Wideman
17.  Invocation on Hudson Street
      by Claudia Mauro
2.  Daughter of a Moment
     by Diane Cornell-Drury
18.  Cry Not
      by Louis Brletich
3.  Mother
     by Carla T. Griswold
19.  The Elephant Orphanage
      photo by Todd Schneider
4.  Cicada...
     photo by Todd Schneider
20.  Dear Editor:
      by Janet Mae Best
5.  Allergics' Prayer
     by Eryn Huntington
21.  Sing
      by Alysson B. Parker
6.  The Smooth, Round, Shiny...
     by Nancy Talley
22.  Moments
      by Michael Francis Leary
7.  How It Happened
     by Alyssa A. Lappen
23.  On Ex-girlfriends
      by Chris Ryan Bordeaux
8.  Coyote Bill and the Special Party
     by Russ Mead
24.  Vigil
      by Claudia Mauro
9.  In the Field of My Heart
     by Barney F. McClelland
25.  Third Wife
      by Esther Altshul Helfgott
10.  Anorexia
      by Jess Mills
26.  Desire for Memory
      by Allegra Wong

11.  From The Inside
      by Katie McAllaster Weaver

27.  In the dark
      by Rebecca Page
12.  Kenya Photo Essay
      photos and essay by Susan Mello
28.  Quissing Naket Muses
      by Jose Jason L. Chancoco
13.  Vignette
      by David L. Sutton
29.  Dead Today
      by Kara L.C. Jones
14.  The Difference Betw Me and Her
      by Claudia Mauro
30.  My Mom's With Me
      by MaryLee Smith
15.  Summers' Solstice, Upstate NY
      by Richard Messer
31.  In My Body of Skin
      by Ruth Daigon
16.  Yo-Yo
      by Ken Shiovitz
32.  At the Delphi Café
      by Charles Fishman

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