By Ken Shiovitz

Shimmering iridescent plaything,
Guardian of cosmic truth,
Mindless, repetitious pastime,
Unlock your secrets of matter-time.

Fling out then catch tiny planetoid,
Force measured true by silken thread,
Big Bang propels forth thy Duncan,
Black Hole, my hand in gravity, awaits.

Loop-the-Loop and Around-the-World,
My hand, thy fate awaits,
Walk-the-Doggie then Rock-the-Cradle,
Black Hole awaits, yet unaware.

Now atoms blend and join from heat,
While moving outward Duncan still,
Then tiny cells form organ groups,
Silken thread now a tad long.

And thread stretches on 'til out of sight,
Tracked yet by telescope,
Last earthly glimpse shows ears and feet,
And thumb on nose to all.


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