Written 30 Years After
the Loss of Twin Sons

By Anne Wideman

The pain is there; it does not leave,
It stabs at me with icy blades,
And will not give me peace.
The tears I've cried, it seems forever,
Do not serve to make things better.
Just when I think I'm getting well,
A word or movement comes from nowhere
And sends me back to that hell
Never to rise again, or live again.
When will this end, this constant pain?
When will the tears not fall as rain?
Within my life, peace will not come.
Only when I eternally lie me down
Will that peace be finally found.

Terry Grover and Jerry Melvin Wideman
             Born April 13, 1969
Date of death for Jerry-April 14, 1969
Date of death for Terry-April 15, 1969

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