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Table of Contents

1.  Purge, excerpt from Drift
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   In Distant Rooms   
      by David Pike
3.  It's About Time Series - July
     from Esther Helfgott
4.   News from PoetsWest
      from J. Glenn Evans
5.  The Black Under the Bubble
     by Donna Weaver
6.   Bad Medicine
      by Francis Anthony Govia
7.  Bloodstained
     by Francis Anthony Govia
8.   This is what happens...
      by Jack Conway
9.  Footsteps
      by Floyd

10.  Grandpa’s Ford
      by Alexander Johns

11.  4 from Townee
      by townee
12.  2 Seconds in...1991
      by Alexander Johns
13.  Dental Record
      by Alexander Johns
14.  In Privacy
      by Laurence Overmire
15. The Hours
     by Daniel W. Gonzales
16.  things melt...
      by Mike Ill
17. Che’
     by Alexander Johns
18.  BodyWrites!
      from KotaPress
19.  New Site
      from Frank Anthony
20.  New Book from Fogerty
      from Crone's Unlimited

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