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Diamonds in Snow, Mary Fogarty's fourth book, is in part about a soul-baring memoir of animated word paintings woven into a tapestry of short stories, essays and poetry. "In the sanctuary of my home," Ms. Fogarty admits, "I celebrate new ways of seeing and believing as I enter the third stage of life. DIAMONDS become metaphors for reflecting facets of the soul—those rare Aha Moments of elevated awareness."

Mentoring females and other Keepers of Wisdom in my life empowered me to believe that self matters, especially as I become a teacher and guide for my community.

"Once you are clear about who you are," my mentors often said, "the rest of the world falls into place. "You will find that you can not be deterred from your purpose. How you relate to others will matter less than how you relate to yourself. You will finally get that learning certain lessons does not have to be repeated a thousand and one times. (Well, for most of us!.)"

For more than two years I have been working on Diamonds in Snow. This tyke is packaged with wisdom that comes from validation of worth and self-realization through creative expressions: writing, sculpting, drawing and nurturing of all my children. "In silence," Mary Fogarty writes, "wisdom comes with the poetic muse—then my inner Goddess speaks."

Kathy Mayer reviewer for Southwest BookViews out of Santa Fe writes, "Mary Fogarty’s award winning work constitutes a soul sense about life. "Snake your rapids round whitewater rafters, / touch and tease / Ruckus Rio, / tease me with your weathered-rhythm blues." She also writes about the wonders of the human spirit. Passionate truths and beliefs on the ability to rise to greatness that compel the reader to move forward. "I celebrate wholeness— / what is and what can be. / Today, I celebrate the breadth—of me."

Mary Fogarty gathers life’s wisdom and transforms it into a legacy for future generations. Beneath literary prose a goblin wind touches spiritual values and gathers force.

For this 8 1/2 x 11, 165 page book, the List Price is $15.95 (including S&H).
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Editor's Note: Congrats on the new release, Mary!


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