“This Is What Happens When You Let Hamlet Play Quarterback”
By Jack Conway

Sure he can sling the ball
down field like an outrageous arrow,
Before the snap, he keeps looking
for his father in the stands
and wishes his mother would act her age
and quit the cheerleading squad.
Alas, poor Unitas, we knew him well
and man, if you think there’s something
rotten in Denmark,
you ought to be in the locker room.


Jack Conway’ s newest book of poetry is, Life Sentences. His work has appeared in:
The Antioch Review, The Columbia Review, Yankee, The Land-Grant College Review,
The Paumanok Review, RALPH, Rattle, Slow Trains,The Peregrine Review and The
Norton Anthology of Light Verse. He is an instructor at the Sarah Doyle Fiction


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