4 Poems by Townee

great dictator
By townee

saw hips, distant at 1st,
as they swayed; a bit off,
perhaps, yet chaplinesque.
it was thirsty lips then--
dimpled, naked, chapped;
and i liked that you
talked to me, clearly,
w/ disappearing teeth.
see the spring sky
is rising this evening.


By townee

it is probably good that
i am not in love; because,
obsessives see 'should-ofs'
and loss much differently.



By townee

our forefathers were
incredibly long-winded
but, never-the-less,
prominent; & such
eloquent figures.
so that is why
we use an ellipsis,
whenever we remove--
from one of their various
remarks--the context.



By townee

we've captured st. teresa
with a still-frame, digital camera;
kidnapping little american girls,
& spiriting them
cross state lines.
ralph nader's home
was raided, saturday
by a porno task-force;
all computer hardware
was confiscated & held,
pending an investigation
into his netscape bookmarks;
well as the e-mail he's received.
socrates was seen
speaking to shrek,
who had just struck
a once beautiful monarch
using the jawbone of an ass.


As always, thanks for your contributions, townee!


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