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Table of Contents

1.  Gone, excerpt from Drift
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   Prose on Racism   
      by Anthony Chipoletti
3.  Call for Texas Writers
     from Gabrielle Faust
4.   News from PoetsWest
      from J. Glenn Evans
5.  Content Removed
     content removed
6.   Call for Doilies: Stitches that Heal
      from Akiko Kotani
7.  New Site for Dewart!
     from KotaPress
8.   Eternity
      by Anthony Chipoletti
9.  Getting Published
      from Jerry Hicks

10.  Posta-Arcana
      from KotaPress

11.  chistopher
      by townee
12.  That War Over There
      by Barb Adams
13.  Beauty
      by Candy M. Gourlay
14.  1470 West -Friday night
      by Molly Smith
15. cicada
     by Molly Smith
16.  how boring, happiness
      by Molly Smith
17. far removed
     by Molly Smith
18.  BodyWrites!
      from KotaPress
19.  Art Class
      by Jack Conway
20.  The Curator
      by Jack Conway

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